IREX: Media Sustainability Index (MSI)

International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)

Washington DC, USA

IREX’s Media Sustainability Index (MSI) provides in-depth analyses of the conditions for independent media in 80 countries across Africa, Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East. Since the Eurasian MSI was first conceived in 2000, in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the MSI has evolved into an important benchmark study to assess how media systems change over time and across borders. Since 2005, IREX has also produced an MSI for the Middle East and North Africa, with support from USAID, the US Department of State’s Middle East Policy Initiative, and UNESCO. In 2007 IREX launched the Africa MSI with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency, the World Bank Institute, and USAID.

IREX is an international nonprofit organization, headquartered in Washington, DC, with branch offices and representatives in more than 25 countries of Eastern Europe, the New Independent States (NIS), Asia, and the Near East. IREX was founded in 1968 as the first US organization to conduct bilateral educational programs with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Over the past 10 years IREX has successfully broadened its training scope and reach, becoming a leader in delivering technical assistance in all aspects of building civil society.
IREX has implemented media development and education programs since the early 1990s in more than 15 countries of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Since that time, IREX has received funding in support of its media development projects from USAID, the US Department of State, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Open Society Institute, the Pew Charitable Trusts, Press Now, Swedish Helsinki Committee, and the United Nations Development Program, among others.

Media Sustainability Index (MSI) about Georgia
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