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2011: Doing Business

This page shows summary Doing Business 2011 data for Georgia. The first table lists the overall “Ease of Doing Business” rank (out of 183 economies) and the rankings by each topic. The rest of the tables summarize the key indicators for each topic and benchmark against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.

Doing Business
2011 Rank
Doing Business
2010 Rank
Change in Rank
12 13 down 1


2011 Rank
2010 Rank
in Rank
Starting a Business 8 6 up -2
Dealing with Construction Permits 7 7 No change
Registering Property 2 2 No change
Getting Credit 15 30 up 15
Protecting Investors 20 41 up 21
Paying Taxes 61 61 No change
Trading Across Borders 35 31 up -4
Enforcing Contracts 41 41 No change
Closing a Business 105 96 up -9

2010: Doing Business

World Bank Group

Since 2004 Doing Business has been tracking regulatory reforms aimed at improving the ease of doing business. Despite the challenges presented by the financial crisis, the number of reforms hit a record level this year. Between June 2008 and May 2009, 287 reforms were recorded in 131 economies, 20% more than the year before. Reformers focused on making it easier to start and operate a business, strengthening property rights and improving the efficiency of commercial dispute resolution and bankruptcy procedures.

Business regulation can affect how well small and midsize firms cope with the crisis and seize opportunities when recovery begins,” said Penelope Brook, Acting Vice President for Financial and Private Sector Development for the World Bank Group. “The quality of business regulation helps determine how easy it is to reorganize troubled firms to help them survive difficult times, to rebuild when demand rebounds, and to get new businesses started.

Georgia eased the process for dealing with construction permits by introducing a simplified process for obtaining confirmation from utilities, a risk-based approval process for building permits, and new time limits for the occupancy certificate. The documentation requirements for import and export were simplified, and there was a significant decrease in the cost of trade.

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2004: Doing Business

Economy Characteristics
GNI per capita (US$) – 650
Population – 5,224,000
Informal economy
(% of income) – 67.3
Legal origin – Socialist
Starting a Business
Number of procedures- 9
Time (days)- 30
Cost (% of income per capita)- 26.3
Minimum capital (% of income per capita) – 140.1
Hiring and Firing Workers
Flexibility-of-hiring index – 51
Conditions-of-employment index – 66
Flexibility-of-firing index – 49
Employment-law index – 55
Enforcing a Contract
Number of procedures – 17
Time (days) – 180
Cost (% of income per capita) – 63.1
Procedural-complexity index – 48
Getting Credit
Public credit registry operates? – No
Public registry coverage (borrowers/1,000 capita) – 0
Public-registry index – 0
Private credit-information bureau operates? – No
Private bureau coverage (borrowers/1,000 capita) – 0
Creditor-rights index – 2
Closing a Business
Time to go through insolvency
(years) – 3.2
Cost to go through insolvency
(% estate) – 1
Absolute priority
preserved – 100
Efficient outcome achieved – 0
Goals-of-insolvency index – 69
Court-powers index – 33

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