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2008: Parliamentary Elections Report – Georgia

ODIHR observed the 21 May 2008 parliamentary elections in Georgia.

In its Statement of Preliminary Findings and Conclusions, the IEOM concluded that “overall, these elections clearly offered an opportunity for the Georgian people to choose their representatives from amongst a wide array of choices. The authorities and other political stakeholders made efforts to conduct these elections in line with OSCE and Council of Europe commitments.” However, the IEOM “identified a number of problems which made this implementation uneven and incomplete.”

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2008: Presidential Elections Report – Georgia

ODIHR observed the extraordinary presidential election on 5 January 2008.

This report identifies the positive aspects noted by our observer mission, as well as a number of significant shortcomings that we urge the Georgian authorities to address in time for the parliamentary elections in May
Ambassador Christian Strohal, ODIHR’s Director.

2006: Municipal Elections Report – Georgia

ODIHR deployed a limited election observation mission to Georgia to observe the 5 October municipal elections.

We appreciate the efforts of the authorities to conduct the process in a professional and inclusive manner and welcome the readiness of Georgia to continue international co-operation on bringing further improvements to the electoral practice to fully meet all OSCE and other international commitments.
Ambassador Geert Ahrens, Headed the Limited Election Observation Mission from the OSCE/ODIHR